This is a collection of fifteen fantastic audio stories based on "Peppa Pig", the hit TV show, featuring newly recorded narration, original TV dialogue, music, and special effects from the "Milkshake" and "Nick Jnr." series. The stories included are: "Peppa Meets the Queen", "Peppa Goes Swimming", "Sports Day", "Dentist Trip"... read more

$25.00 (NZD) inc GST

This book is about a most private and secret habit my father had, and about the strange adventures it led us both into...Danny thinks the world of his father, who has looked after him ever since his mother died when Danny was just four months old. But as he grows up, Danny discovers that his father's secret spells adventure a... read more

$34.00 (NZD) inc GST

Puffin Audiobooks present a phizz-whizzing reading of Roald Dahl's George's Marvellous Medicine. The audiobook features original music and 3D sound design by Pinewood film studios. George Kranky is eight-years-old and wondering what sort of mischief he might get into. George's Grandma is a grizzly old grouch and George wants ... read more

$30.00 (NZD) inc GST

Puffin Audiobooks presents a marvellous new celebrity reading of Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr Fox. The audiobook features original music and 3D sound design by Pinewood film studios. Mr Fox steals food from the horrible farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean - one fat, one short, one lean. These three crooks concoct a plan to dig Mr Fox... read more

$30.00 (NZD) inc GST

Freya is an ordinary girl living in modern Britain, but with a twist: people still worship the Viking gods. She's caught in her parents' divorce, and shuttling between bickering adults is no fun. One evening, stuck with her dad on his night shift at the British Museum, she is drawn to the Lewis Chessmen and Heimdall's Horn.... read more

$26.00 (NZD) inc GST
Author:Andy Griffiths
Series:Treehouse CD

On a hill not too far away there is a tree. And in that tree there is a tree house. And in that tree house there is a bowling alley, a see-through swimming pool, a tank full of sharks, a giant rope swing, a library full of comics, a secret underground laboratory, a vegetable vaporiser and a free marshmallow-dispensing machine... read more

$30.00 (NZD) inc GST
Author:David Walliams
Awards:Winner of People's Book Prize: Children's 2010. Shortlisted for Roald Dahl Funny Prize: The Funniest Book for Children Aged Seven to Fourteen 2010 and Galaxy National Book Awards: WH Smith Children's Book of the Year 2010.

The second original, touching, twisted, and most of all hilarious novel and audiobook for children performed by David Walliams and Matt Lucas. This wonderful story is told by two of Britains best loved comedians and the characters from David's book spring to life with fantastic voices and characters galore that will make you ... read more

$30.00 (NZD) inc GST
Author:Jeff Kinney
Series:Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Now on audio CD - this is the fourth mega-selling instalment in the hilarious "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series. Greg's mom has a vision of 'family togetherness' that really doesn't sound a whole lot of fun. But there's a brand-new addition to the Heffley family to contend with and it looks like Greg might be outnumbered. It coul... read more

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This title includes seven episodes from the hugely popular all-new animated series featuring Fireman Sam and his friends from Pontypandy - as seen on TV. It includes "Paper Plane Down Hot", "Cold Running Sniffer Dog"; "Perilous Path"; "The New Hero Next Door"; "Santa Overboard"; "Best Foot Forward"; and, "Baa Baa Baby".

$27.00 (NZD) inc GST

This work features favourite stories, songs and rhymes to join in and have fun with! It is a fantastic selection of songs, stories and nursery rhymes from the BBC radio series, "Listen and Play!" Join in with actions, words and games. The stories featured in this work include: "On the Farm"; "The Animal Fair"; "Beside the Sea... read more

$23.00 (NZD) inc GST

This title includes ten of the most popular stories from the tracks of the Television series as told by Eric Thompson. "Dougal's Experiment" (in which he does some very complicated arithmetic). "A Starry Night" (in which Dylan finds a missing star). "The Moody Concerto" (in which Brian and Dylan try their hand at music). "Dou... read more

$23.00 (NZD) inc GST

The Five have a Mystery to Solve ...Whispering Island - another mysterious place, with a million stories sorrounding it ...Is it haunted? The Five are intrigued, but scared, too. Are they brave enough to go there and find out ...In Five Go Down to the Sea, the Five are on the trail of whoever deliberately lured a ship on to ... read more

$32.00 (NZD) inc GST

This is a fun collection of 25 bright, cheerful and upbeat rhymes, simple rhythmic clapping games and gentle lullabies set to an original score. All-time favourite pre-school playgroup songs featuring musical influences from around the world. Running time approx. 40 minutes. CD tracks: The Wheels On The Bus Go Round the World... read more

$20.00 (NZD) inc GST

A girl runs away from home - and it's up to the Seven to find her. Jack's little sister Susie is up to her usual tricks - but she can't put the Seven off the trail of clues. Can they track down Elizabeth, and discover who stole the money from her school?

$34.00 (NZD) inc GST

This title features four favourite fairy tales, read by Lenny Henry and Sheridan Smith. It includes: "Jack and the Beanstalk", "Goldilocks and the Three Bears", "Puss in Boots", and "Snow White". Young children are sure to love these four stories, full of magic and fun.

$25.00 (NZD) inc GST

Includes six episodes from the hit TV series with music and sound effects - "Noddy Helps Out"; "Master Tubby's Opposite Day"; "Noddy Needs Some Medicine"; "Noddy and the Voice of Plod"; "Noddy Has a Difficult Day"; and, "Good Neighbour Noddy".

$23.00 (NZD) inc GST
Author:Geronimo Stilton
Series:Geronimo Stilton (Audio)

It's holiday time on Mouse Island! On Halloween, it seemed like everyone was out to get me! My cousin Trap kept pulling scary pranks on me. And then my nephew Benjamin dragged me to a graveyard to do research for a book, where I met a very spooky mouse who tried to lock me up in her coffin! On Christmas, my favorite nephew B... read more

$26.00 (NZD) inc GST

I'm Geronimo Stilton. I run a newspaper, but my true passion is writing adventure stories. In my next two adventures I try to keep a legendary gem hidden in the heart of the Amazon jungle from falling into the wrong paws and search the subway tunnels of New Mouse City for the latest ghost haunting, only to find the fright of ... read more

$26.00 (NZD) inc GST

It's Angelina's birthday and there's going to be a party. But when Angelina breaks her bike while racing her best friend, Alice, she thinks the day is ruined. There is, however, a solution to the problem and Angelina's birthday turns out to be the happiest - and the most surprising - one ever.

$25.00 (NZD) inc GST
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